A licensed moneylender is the one registered under the Singapore Moneylenders Act. The lender also adhere to the Moneylenders Registrar regulations. Once the moneylender Singapore get registered they can lend only the authorized amount for business loans, personal loans, home loans, payday loans and foreign loans in an acceptable rate of interest and take the specified charges from the borrower. The licensed moneylenders of Singapore also assure privacy of your personal information. They can also ensure you a secure and expedite method of borrowing the money.

Therefore, the overall role and duties of licensed money lenders in Singapore is very vital for the clear understanding of the borrowers. They provide a complete consultancy about the various sensitive and important aspects of particular personal loans to their potential customers.

The licensed moneylenders would coordinate with the customers in the most reliable and courteous way to find out most desirable solutions of the problems. Professional moneylender Singapore believe in the strict maintenance of documentation requirements for each loan granted and ensures that each and every legal formality connected with the personal loans have been duly fulfilled in a timely manner.

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